Dream Snatchers

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Wake up. Your dreams are no longer safe. The Dream Snatchers are out to play.

12489448_10156648584125643_3687604151610749894_o17-year-old Alaska native, Luxandria Buchanan, grew up hearing tales of the Dream Snatchers—a band of dream-stealing sorcerers that traverse the night sky in their bone white ship, attacking the sleepers in the cities below. Never did Lux imagine the stories could actually be true.

But when her only confidant disappears, Lux is unwillingly thrown into an expedition to not only find him but stop the Dream Snatchers from turning her world of color to black and white and boring. On her journey, she learns that she herself has sorcerer blood of a powerful origin and that the Dream Snatchers—including the good looking “bad boy” from school—may have a valid reason for turning on their dreams.

The ghosts of her past whisper words of failure and doubt in her ear, for how could a young Dreamer like her possibly tackle such a daunting task? But with the help of an unexpected friend and a little bit of brainpower, nothing is going to stop her from trying.


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