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Melody Robinette writes in coffee shops. She edits in coffee shops. She lives in coffee shops.DSC_6973

Growing up in a small town in West Texas, Melody had to find ways to entertain herself. Reading was one of them. This, of course, fueled her creativity and it wasn’t long before her love for the Sims 2 and writing collided. At around the age of 15, she would take screenshots in the games and write detailed scenes to go along with them. That’s about the time she came up with her first version of The Underground Series…which changed…quite a lot.
In her non-writing life, she’s married to an amazingly handsome man that looks like Prince Eric and they are the proud parents of two super fat cats who love food and boxes.

20 Random Facts About Melody:

1. She is obsessed with Harry Potter
2. She is a cat person
3. She loves acting and theater. In high school, she was a “theater geek”
4. Her favorite color always has been and always will be: BLUE
5. The 80’s cartoon, My Little Pony, is her childhood…and she can draw them pretty well.
6. She loves Disney movies.
7. Belle is her favorite princess because duh. (And her cat’s name is Belle)
8. She is a Type One Diabetic
9. Her mom and her husband are her best friends and she’s okay with that.
10. Her mom is her #1 Beta reader
11. She is a teacher of both English and Special Ed
12. She can be a grammar freak (YOU’RE=YOU ARE)
13. Ireland is her favorite country.
14. She studied abroad in Ireland for two glorious months.
15. She wrote the first half of Oaken in longhand
16. The first title of Oaken was “The Secret of Shimmering Falls”
17. Her pen name was going to be Melody Aislyn until she married a Robinette
18. She leads a writing group known as “The Writers’ Chapter”
19. She lives in Texas
20. She is a Starkid. (Youtube it)

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