The Choice

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Juliet Jameson finds herself in a difficult situation at her first high school party, trapped in a dark room with a girl named Piper. To Juliet’s dismay, she finds that being near Piper elicits more feelings, physically and emotionally, than any guy ever has. It is at this point that Juliet must make a decision. Should she give in to her hidden, innermost desires and kiss Piper, or should she be the good, little Christian her parents raised her to be?
It is with this choice that Juliet’s story breaks off into two completely different, yet equally possible futures. One where Juliet, or “Jules,” falls madly in love with a girl she never thought she could get, though she loses her family and sometimes her pride in the process…and the other where Juliet reluctantly marries her childhood guy friend and is quickly pulled into the hell that is alcoholism and substance abuse.

But, in the end, there can only be one choice.